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Don’t be afarid to request expert care if you are in pain. It is the safest and quickest way to a full recovery.

Dr David Lauriend

Expert Sports Physical Therapist

Hello, my name is David Lauriend. I am a doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). In my early career I was an in-house doctor at several Major League teams where I aided my teams back to health from injury. Over the last decade I have been operating my own private practice. Previously in Waco, TX and now in Dallas, TX.

The road to recovery does not need to me long and painful!

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With the correct procedures and care you can be back to fighting fitness quickly.

It is unfortunate that most sports people suffer injuries at some point in their career. Many do not seek the correct care and their time away from the sport is protracted.

Proven Practices

Some individuals recovering from long-term sporting injuries can benefit from physiotherapy.
It is a professional treatment where methods like massage, manipulation, and exercises are utilized to enhance the range of motion, strengthen the surrounding tissues, and reunite the wounded region’s standard role.
A physiotherapist may also develop a fitness program to help fortify the affected body area and lessen the danger of the harm recurring.